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Using form to the right, input your Squadron number and Detachment.
(Make sure you check if the photo is for the National Contest, the Sons’ Adventure or Both) 

Then select the categories you are submitting your photos to.  The category will open up and display 3 photo icons; click on the icon to open your computer’s hard drive to upload your photo.  You are able to submit a maximum of 3 photos per category.  So if you are submitting to all four categories with a single submission, you will be able to upload a total of 12 photos.  You can submit as often as you wish, but are limited to 3 per category/12 per 4 categories, per submission.

Once you have chosen the categories, uploaded your photos and make sure your Squadron and Detachment had been identified, click on the “Submit Button” and your submission will be sent to us.  You will seen on the page a confirmation that your submission was successfully submitted.    

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"Each category will allow you to upload up to three photos. You can upload a total of 12 photos but they must be limited to three per category. "

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