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Competition Rules

Below are the rules and criteria

  • Photos must be based on the Four Pillars of the American Legion
    • Americanism
    • Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
    • Children and Youth
    • National Security
  • Photos must be in a digital jpg or tiff format
  • Photos to become the property of the Sons of The American Legion
  • Photos must not have a right of restriction
  • Photos must contain members of the Sons with their covers or identifiable clothing on during the activity or event and a brief history of the event
  • Squadrons may submit a maximum of 3 photos per category
  • Plaques will be awarded the three best entries in each category
  • Submit your entries to National Snapshots of Service Chairman at sandylipman@hotmail.com
  • Contest will run each year from the 1 st of August to thirty days prior to national convention
    • Photos need to be from the 2016/2017 year


  • Quality of photo
  • Best symbolizes the support for the Four Pillars by the Sons of The American Legion
  • Have recognizable Sons of The American Legion member or members in it.
  • Must be submitted from a Squadron

Questions can be sent to the National Public and Media Communications Commission / Snapshots of Service Chairman

Sanford Lipman
248-542- 3187



National Public and Media Communications Chairman
Michael Fox
916-370- 7626
Foxy5112@yaho.com[/wr_text][/wr_column][wr_column span=”span4″][/wr_column][/wr_row]