Greetings, We Have a Photo Contest Going On
and California, You Are Invited to Participate!


As Chairman of the National Public and Media Communications Commission, I’d like to introduce you to a program we are launching called “Snapshots of Service,” a photo contest  We believe this will help make an impact and help broadcast the importance of what the Sons of the American Legion membership does for our veterans and our communities

This contest is open to all Squadrons.  This contest is intended to also help spread ideas as to what will or could work in your region of the country.  Another benefit of these photos will not only be to use them on our website and Facebook pages to highlight what the S.A.L has accomplished nationally, but for you to use on your website and Facebook pages as well, highlighting your Squadron’s accomplishments locally.

Submissions are due no later than 60 days prior to the 2018 National Convention.  Awards will be presented at the 2018 national Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Go to the “Competition Rules” for more info on the National Contest.   

Or go to “Submit Photos” as you can upload your photo and fill out the submission form online,
or “Click here to download a PDF submission form

Spread the Word and
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

Michael Fox
National Public and Media Communications
Commission Chairman
916-370- 7626